Monitor your car, its performance along with safety and security from anywhere using our App.
That's not all!

Tracked offers car security from theft, safety for accidental situations, live car location and tracking the route. It also gives you report on your driver performance, alcohol levels during driving, signs and signals jumped, sharp cuts and rash driving incidents. It captures the videos of route and driver behaviours if the system senses anything abnormal. It also helps you to monitor vehicle health like fuel levels, engine status. It also notifies you of poor health and low fuel levels.

Live vehicle locator and tracker

a) This features helps you to locate where you car is present. It comes handy to find you car in parking lots and public places.
b) It also helps you to track where you car is on road. For ex. Tracking where all your driver is travelling with your car. You can also see the footage of roads and drivers during the tracking.

Live vehicle
Locator and Tracker
Front video footage

This helps you to see the recorded video of the route when the car is on the go. It helps you understand and monitor your drivers routes and way of driving. In case of accidents, this footage can you understand the reasons and impacts of incidents.

Front video
Inside video footage

This helps to see the state of driver, or whoever is driving your car. If helps you to understand if driver is driving or smoking during rides in your absence.

Inside video
Live speed tracking

This helps to check the speeding levels of driver in your presence and also in your absence. If anyone is driving your car at over speed, notification will be sent to your mobile.

Live Speed
GPS tracking

Always keep track of your car from anywhere, at any time using our App.

Panic button

In case of frightening situations or car breakdowns or emergencies, you can push the panic button, which will send your location to your families and/or friends to help you from the fright.

Breath analyzer

We believe and support “Don’t drink and drive” policy. Driver has to be clear from alcohol sensor to start the car. Else cases, notifications will be sent to owners or families.

Signal & signboard tracking

This feature notifies you every time your driver jumped a signal, or driving at over the limit speed. Notifications will be sent to owners and families to ensure safety.

Signal and
Signboard Tracking
Theft or intrusion detection alerts.

You can lock your car and check its status via mobile App. In-case, if someone tries to barge into your car or try to drive away your car, you will get alerts and you can lock or stop the engine using your smart phone.

Theft or Intrusion
In-built GSM set (upcoming feature)

The device comes with in-built GSM set, where you can push the button to call and speak to our 24*7*365 days call center for immediate and emergency help.

In built
GSM set
(Upcoming Feature)
Hands free calling systems (upcoming feature)

Using the bluetooth option in the device, you can connect your smart phone and answer your calls easily and safely while driving the car.

Calling System
(Upcoming Feature)
Vehicle Health Monitor (upcoming feature)

Using the Vehicle Health Monitor system you can have a regular check on your car engine health and even get notified when there is a problem in your engine and also for the upcoming problems u may face.

Vehicle Health Monitor
(Upcoming Feature)

Tracked is your friend during emergencies. With a first of its kind Wi-Fi and GPS enabled device and a round-the-clock support system, Tracked provides the best option for you to contact the relevant person or institution when an emergency situation strikes. This compact and lightweight device can also be customized for use in specific non-emergency situations. It helps you to keep an eye on your driver on their driving behaviours.

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Vehicle Black Box Solution
Vehicle Black Box

VEHICLE BLACK BOX is an ultimate car management device that sits on the dashboard, for monitoring the performance of vehicle and driver behavior while keeping safety and security of vehicle and people driving the car. We are focused on solving the issues with rash driving, assistance during accidents, safety and security to your vehicle as well as people in it.


About Tracked:

Tracked is an app which does the work of dynamic vehicle tracking and notify people waiting for daily transport like cabs or buses. It helps parents to know their kids bus location and send timely notifications on the go, for students or employees waiting for their transport vehicles. No more calls to drivers/ friends. Go, independently on time. No more waiting.

Why Tracked ?

Live tracking of your transport

Dropping kids at bus stops is a tedious job for modern parents. Its a great responsibility at the same time busy time for working parents. Also for students or employees waiting for their daily transport. Instead of calling our friends/drivers, we are track vehicle using smart phones.

Smart Fleet Management
Smart Fleet Management

About Smart fleet management :

Owners can know where their vehicles are located, where they are going, how are the drivers driving them, status of vehicle health. It for tracking of delivery bikes to trucks. It also helps owners to know what path and speed the drivers are at, remotely.

Why Smart fleet management :

Digital Fleet management to improve efficiency

Fleet management is busy and dynamic business. Keeping track of drivers, their driving behavior and locating the vehicle, speed, roads is never easy for management. We are bringing a digital solution to this traditional problem. Owners can see where they are, how they are, from their office. This encourages to deliver on time, safe driving, to know what went wrong, where and why.


Why do we need Cyrrup, when there are so many medical websites already available?

Cyrrup strongly felt the need for a dedicated device to handle ultra-emergency situations. In an emergency, the patient may not be in a condition to call anyone over the phone. Even if he is able to do so, the person whom he's calling might not be available. In case there is any attendant with the patient, there are good chances of him/her going into panic, seeing the patient's condition. At that moment, searching for a nearby hospital, contacting them and asking them for the patient pick up by relaying any information about the pickup address may take up a considerable amount of critical time, which the patient cannot afford to lose. To speed up this process, Cyrrup has come up with an innovative Medical Emergency System (MES).

How does the Cyrrup Medical Emergency System (MES) save time during emergency?

At the press of the Medical emergency button on our MES device, an sms alert is sent to each of the phone numbers of hospitals and relatives, pre-selected by the user. The sms to the hospital contains the patient's phone number and home address where the ambulance needs to be sent. In cases where the patient may not be able to talk, the phone numbers of the patient's primary contacts are sent to the hospital. This enables the ambulance driver to call up the primary contacts, should he need any further info. At the time of purchasing our MES device, all the relevant information about the customer is recorded with us, for use during emergencies.

Who comes first in case of medical emergency?

As soon as the Medical Emergency button is pressed, our 24X7 emergency care team will immediately co-ordinate the patient's preferred hospitals and his/her primary contact person(s), to make sure that an ambulance leaves for the patient pick up ASAP.

My phone number and/or residential address have changed. How will this be taken care of?

Once you login to Cyrrup, on User Panel you have the option of updating your phone numbers, preferred hospitals and residential address. In case you have any trouble updating this data, call or email us and we will surely assist you.


Cyrrup has entered into strategic association with multiple hospitals and diagnostic centres across Hyderabad to ensure that help reaches you at the earliest in time of an emergency. These associations ensure that we always find a hospital that is nearest to you irrespective of your geographic area.